Let It All Out

There are days when we are feeling so much on the inside that we need to let it out. I know that because I have those days too. If we keep things in for too long, they will become what we call “bottled up” emotions and feelings. Keeping things bottled up is not always healthy. That is why something like kickboxing or maybe screaming into your pillow or writing in a journal or diary or having a good cry is a good thing. There is one thing that I do that helps and that is to keep a notebook. This quote explains why. “Buy a notebook. Write down what you want. Write about what hurts you. Show it to someone you love. Save it for your children. Burn it in your back yard. Either way, go to bed knowing that in some way, those things are out of you.” There are productive ways of letting things out like I mentioned above and there are unproductive ways of letting things out. I am not saying that there is any right way to let things out, but there are ways to let things out that do not help anybody, including yourself. Things like punching a wall or getting in trouble with the law or physically hurting yourself or others does not help at all. If you feel like you need to do those things do something else to keep your mind off it or seek help from professionals and/or family members and/or friends. Something as simple as talking things out also helps.

However, there are also things that should not be let out. That brings me to this quote. Nick Burd says “Let it all out. If only I could. Letting it all out would involve me exploding like a firework, a beautiful riot of rainbow sparks bouncing around the car and lighting up the entire lot.” So like I said there are some things that should and should not be let out. It is just how things work. This is one of my shorter posts, not because it is not important but because that concludes all that needs to be said about this subject matter. I strongly encourage my readers to let it all out in a productive way. That leads me to the last quote of this post. “If you don’t let it out, you’re going to let it eat you away.” So let it out because otherwise it will all just sit and fester into something much worse later down the road. On that note, I hope that you all enjoyed this one. Happy reading!!

Let It All Out

I cannot live in a lifetime of sin and
Disappointment. I just simply want to
Hang off the ledge. I take my hand
And want to ram it into the wall. If you
Look at me like I am psycho or crazy
I do not really care because I am tired
Of being the sane one. I want the hazy
Fog to disappear. I want to get fired
Up and scream it all out until I collapse.
I want to cry until there are no more
Tears left. Maybe then the gaps
And hiccups will be gone. The door
Remains where it is. All I have to is
Step through its frame and be done.
For once I just want things to fizz
And fade out. I know that I still won.

Having Patience

Yes, we all go through changes (look on my blog post about that topic if you do not believe me), but a lot of the time we go through major changes and it takes time/patience to get through those major changes. Demi puts it this way. “Have patience. Even the greatest changes in our lives to occur.” Having patience (especially a lot of it) is a life lesson we could (including myself) all use. To be honest, I struggle with having patience, especially with people and things I truly care about. I am sure that everybody has a similar story to the one I am about to tell. Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays growing up (in fact it still is). I would always get so excited and wake up early to open up my presents.

My patience also runs a little thin with people too. For example, there is this person I am dealing with (I will not name anybody specifically). Let us call this person K. I want to meet up with that person so badly, but it has not worked out and I have expressed my concern. This person told me to be patient with them. I am trying my best, but I told this person that they have to be patient with me (especially since I know that I am one of those people who loses their patience pretty easily most of the time). Patience in a sense is like what I call the waiting game… You have to be patient almost all the time. When you are waiting on the phone, waiting in traffic, waiting around for something to happen or for someone to show up, etc.

My point to all of this is the importance of having patience, waiting and not rushing into things. The automatic thing that we all do is to rush when there is no point in doing so. I found the perfect quote to tie it all together. “We often want it so badly that we ruin it before it begins. Over-thinking. Fantasizing. Imagining. Expecting. Worrying. Doubting. Just let it evolve naturally.” In other words, just let it all happen the way it is supposed to (no matter if it changes from your original plans). So in other words be patient with people because you never know what they have dealt with or what they are dealing with right now. They are trying to sort out their life and so are you. Whatever you do, do not lose hope or take your frustration out on people (who may or may not deserve it). In other words, hang in there and ride it out. You have to realize that some things (or people) are worth the wait and some are not. That is just the way it goes.

The Waiting Game

The seconds are ticking by,

Then the minutes, and

Then the hours go by.

Who am I waiting for?

What I am waiting for?

Am I waiting for you?

Am I waiting for me?

Am I waiting for us?

Confusion. Anger.

Chaos.  Sadness.

Happiness. Guilt.

What am I feeling?

What should I be feeing?


More Time

You are not trying to push me,
But all you are asking for is a little bit
Of patience. You wanted to see

If I could hang on. I do not want to slit
My wrists without knowing what
This feels like. This life will not sit

Down and take a rest. This cut
Of the thread that holds us together
Cannot break anymore. I know that

I cannot let you float away like a feather
Or sink down like a heavy rock. We promised
Ourselves to get through this bad weather

No matter what. If we cannot be honest
With one another then we cannot
Deserve and feel the calmness

Washing over us like a wave. This shot
To the heavens cannot destroy this
Inner turmoil and fire. You caught

My heart and will not let go. The bliss
In our eyes will not be let go of. I
Wish that I would never have to miss

Some of these moments, but I have to lie
To myself for a little bit in order to survive
Through the chaos of life. To cry

Over the situation we have to live
Through is hard, but as long as you
Promise me that we will make it and thrive

Everything should be okay. The two
Of us should be able to handle this united.
It has to be us that will push through

Every battle. This is our own lighted
Path filled with obstacles and challenges.
This is our endless support that is unrequited.